Campus Transportation Technology Initiative

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Navya Autonomous Shuttle Demo A&M Smart Shuttle Demo

Organizations that developed new technologies with the capability to improve any aspect of transportation on the Texas A&M campus were invited to demonstrate their technologies on campus as part of the initiative. These technologies ranged from smart device applications to fully automated vehicles — the goal of each is to best serve the mobility needs of the campus and to use the campus as a test bed for the technology. Texas A&M, Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), and their partners evaluated the technologies and determined how well they work independently or in combination with other technologies in a complementary fashion to solve transportation issues in the campus environment. Through both operational deployments and classroom projects, the initiative applied and evaluated private-sector innovations for their role in the campus environment as well as examined the efficiencies of various campus transportation aspects, such as the transit system. These efforts laid the groundwork for embracing transformative technologies on campus, such as the use of autonomous vehicles.