State DOT Practice for Developing and Implementing TSMO Plans

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Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) is a set of strategies that focuses on operational improvements that can optimize the safety and reliability of the transportation system. TSMO has the potential to enable transportation agencies to maximize the benefits of resources and investments in the existing infrastructure. In recent years, TSMO strategic and planning documents have emerged as tool for state departments of transportation (DOTs) and their partners to optimize their networks. With the acceleration of this trend, more DOTs need information and guidance on developing statewide and regional TSMO plans. This synthesis documents current practices by DOTs for the development and implementation of statewide and regional TSMO plans. Included are critical issues related to whether or not state TSMO plans are regional and/or statewide strategic plans; how TSMO plans were developed and implemented; how they align with other DOT plans; information on champions and stakeholders involved in plan development; key components of TSMO plans; when were TSMO plans adopted and how have they evolved; methods for monitoring the implementation of TSMO plans and approaches to updating and/or maintaining them; impacts and benefits from plan implementation; and challenges and lessons learned from plan development and implementation.