Design and Management Planning for Landscape, Aesthetics, and Environmental Development

state a fact about the project

The Construction Landscape Program (CLP) was an inter-agency agreement contract (IAC) between TTI and TxDOT, for assistance with a wide range of roadside landscape development applications. The objective of this IAC was for TTI to provide design and technical support to TxDOT district personnel such as landscape architects, engineers, maintenance supervisors, and vegetation managers. The majority of projects were landscape planting and development plans which encompass other aspects of roadside development such as retaining walls, structural aesthetic treatments, decorative pavements, entry monuments, handicap accessibility renovations, roadside park design and renovation, erosion control solutions, embankment treatments, and stormwater management features. All projects were taken from design development through completed construction documents and estimates. TTI handled between 2.5 and 4.5 million construction contract dollars annually through this IAC. This project also included the development of Landscape and Aesthetic Corridor Master Plans. These master plans identified and prioritized landscape and aesthetic goals for the various TxDOT Districts and the representative cities, developed a philosophy toward landscape and aesthetic development sensitive to the environment, established design guidelines, and created a mechanism for short-term establishment and long term maintenance of landscape and aesthetic components. TTI Researchers lead teams of multi-discipline professionals and community leaders through the process of analysis, conceptualization, design, and planning to create documents that provide guidance for future development within the highway corridors for the respective districts.